Forensic Investigations

Forensic Structural and Civil Engineering investigations 


Site Investigations

When things go wrong
Structural Engineers play a bigger role in the construction of homes, buildings and other structures than you might realise. They design and certify all the major structural elements of the building including the roof, wall and floor systems, concrete elements, decks, balconies, carports, retaining walls etc.  It is this expertise that can not only help to construct, but can also help to rectify when things go wrong. 

Site Inspections can detect major faults.  When significant cracking is detected with a structural element for instance, further investigation by a qualified structural engineer should be carried out. Frontier Engineers can visit the site, inspect the structural fault and prepare a detailed report that describes the fault, its cause and any remedy or repairs that may be required.

Site Investigations can also help detect and remedy:

  •          Water damage
  •          Land slip
  •          Erosion
  •          Flood damage
  •          Wind damage
  •          Earthquake damage
  •          Concrete cancer
  •          Corrosion
  •          Footing settlement
  •          Building defects

These investigations have assisted our Clients with:

  •          Insurance claims
  •          Litigation processes
  •          Due diligence
  •          Maintenance programs

Dilapidation surveys

Eliminate or reduce the potential for a dispute

Dilapidation surveys are ideally performed upon existing structures in the immediate vicinity of planned construction prior to it commencing to eliminate or reduce the potential for a dispute with adjacent property owners. On occasions the neighbouring properties may sustain minor cracking during construction and to mitigate potential future disputes, developers, contractors or property owners may commission a report.

Our dilapidation reports provide a detailed schedule of the condition of the property at a given time and include video, photographic evidence and a narrative description.  We usually complete the inspection in two stages – just prior to construction or site works commencing and within the final maintenance period of the project.

With our skills in performing structural investigations, remedial and forensic engineering we are well placed to perform dilapidation surveys and monitoring of distress progression with an allocated cause.

Dilapidation surveys


Professional, detailed, concise reports....that can ultimately save you money

Our team of highly experienced engineers can provide concise, detailed, professional reports for a range of situations.  We work with home owners, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Agents, Legal Practitioners and others to produce high quality reports including:

  •          Forensic Reports determining cause of damage by singular or multiple events 
  •          Structural engineering assessments 
  •          Scope of Remedial Works required

Disaster response

Experienced with many of the natural disasters that have occurred throughout Australia

Our team of engineers and building consultants has experience with many of the natural disasters that have occurred throughout Australia. These disasters are many and varied: Flood, Landslip, Cyclone, Bushfire, Storm events and Earthquake, and one of our key drivers has been to assist devastated communities to rebuild.  We can contribute to natural disaster relief in communities all over the country regardless of where they are, and give our clients our utmost attention, allowing us to develop meaningful relationships.

Our professional team is ready to respond to the call from government, insurance companies, loss adjusters, commerce, industry and private community members to assist with structural and civil engineering assessments, remedial engineering and project management services following natural disasters.

Disaster response
Expert witness

Expert witness


Frontier Engineers team of highly qualified and experienced engineers are available for technical assistance with legal litigation and Financial Ombudsman Service matters.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

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