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Frontier Engineers - Civil & Structural Engineering with over 50 years combined experience

What we do

Structural Engineering solutions designed specifically to your needs

The intricacy of modern structures often requires a great deal of ingenuity to ensure the structure efficiently supports and resists the loads they are subjected to.  When things go wrong, and fundamental design faults need rectifying, we are there with over 50+ years combined Structural Engineering experience to provide cost effective solutions tailored to your requirements.

Frontier Engineers offers specialised Structural Engineering services to Builders, Building Designers, Architects, Town Planners, Councils, building system developers, mining companies, Insurance companies, private individuals, and Engineers to provide structural solutions that allow for managing the construction of simple structural systems for a dwelling through to major and complex projects. 
 Our services include:

  • Landslip remediation
  • Forensic investigations – including building, structural and civil engineering
  • Foundation movement and stabilisation
  • Design and documentation of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings
  • Bridges
  • Drainage issues
  • Swimming pools
  • Decking, retaining and landscaping issues
  • Remedial Works
  • Overhead gantries and cranes
  • Project Management
  • Technical support during dispute resolution

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Landslip Remediation

Prompt expert advice for time critical projects...

There are many factors which influence whether a landslide will occur including slope angle, climate, weathering, water content, vegetation, overloading, geology, and slope stability.  How these factors correlate is important in understanding what causes landslides along with an understanding of the impact we have on these factors by altering natural processes. Usually, several elements will contribute to a landslide, but often there is one which triggers the movement of material.   Frontier Engineers can evaluate slope stability and any landslide threat during development assessments so that effective and timely remedial measures can be implemented.

Foundation movement and stabilisation

Once foundation problems start, they can lead to other issues...

Foundation problems are caused by the continuously changing conditions of the soils around a structure. For instance, clay soil expands as it absorbs moisture, and contracts as it dries. That can cause foundations to move, settle and crack.  Our expert engineers can identify foundation movement problems and offer cost-effective stabilisation solutions

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Civil Engineering

Design and Documentation

Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects...big and small, we have you covered.

Whether it's plans for a new single dwelling or multi storey complex; a minor extension or major refurbishment; our expert Structural Engineers work closely with you to deliver complete solutions with consistent results, whilst adhering to tight budget constraints and time frames.  Diversity is the key and we can deliver upon all levels with professional service and customer satisfaction. 

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